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Information about HV71 in English

A brief club history...

• In 1971 HV71 was formed through a fusion of two local hockeyclubs; Husqvarna IF and Vätterstad IF. The clubs were fierce opponents with lots of rivalry and local traditions. By joining forces the objective was to establish the new club in the top Swedish league.

• The new club was an instant success and gained lots of fans and support in the region. The club was recognized for playing an offensive type of hockey. Instrumental in this development was the coach Göte Wiklund who joined the club in 1972.

• In 1979 the club qualified for the top Swedish league, Elitserien. The first stint in Elitserien was short and lasted for only a season.

• In 1985 the club qualified for the Elitserien for the second time and has been playing in the top league ever since.

• In 1995 the club became Swedish Champion for the first time after a dramatic overtime win in the 7th game against Brynäs IF. Play-off heroes; overtime goalscorer Johan Lindbom and goalie Bosse Ahl.

• In 2000 the new Kinnarps Arena opened. The state-of-the-art venue is owned and operated by by the club itself. HV71 pioneered this new concept and trend in Swedish icehockey, and several other hockey clubs have followed in the same path since.

• In 2004 the club won the Swedish Championships for the 2nd time, this time on home-ice against Färjestads BK after a 7-game final series. Play-off hero; goalie Stefan Liv who counted four shutouts in the final 7- game series.

• In 2006 the club won the Elitserien for the 2nd time after an extraordinary regular season. In the following play-offs the club was eliminated in the semi final series after losing the 7th game to the becoming Champion Färjestads BK.

• In 2007 HV71 finished 2nd place and lost to MODO in the semi final.

• In 2008 HV71 won the Elitserien for the 3rd time. In the play-offs HV71 defeated Skellefteå in the quater finals, Timrå in the semi finals and finally Linköping in the finals. HV71 became Swedish Champions for the 3rd time in club history.

• In 2009 HV71 finished in 4th place and lost to Färjestad in the final. The silver medal was the first in club history.

• In 2010 HV71 won the Elitserien for the 4rd time. After defeting Djurgården in the finals HV71 was Swedish Champions for the 4rd time in club history.

• In 2017 HV71 von the Swedish Championship for the fifth time. HV71 defeated Brynäs in game 7 in Kinnarps Arena. Simon Önerud made the game winning goal in overtime.

• In 2022 the club qualified for the SHL after one year in second division HockeyAllsvenskan.

Some star players who have played in the club during the years...

Leif "Honken" Holmquist, Pekka Marjamäki, Kari Eloranta, Esa Keskinen, Kari Takko, Ulf Dahlén, Stefan Örnskog, Fredrik Stillman, Johan Davidsson, Rastislav Pavlikovsky, Jonathan Cheechoo, Manny Malhotra, Bryan McCabe, Brian Boucher, Anders Eriksson, Andreas Karlsson, Stefan Liv, Fredrik Olausson, Martin Thörnberg, David Petrasek, Björn Melin, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Jesper Fasth, Kevin Fiala, William Karlsson and many more.

Home of the club

Since the year 2000 Husqvarna Garden (former Kinnarps Arena) is the base and home of HV71. The arena is a state-of-the-art multi purpose venue built, owned and operated by the club itself. The club pioneered this new concept which has since become the recent trend in Swedish icehockey. The venue features all type of facilities such as restaurants, bars and lounges. Husqvarna Garden offers 7000 seats. The former home was the classic arena Rosenlundshallen, which sported Sweden’s very first modern indoor icehockey rink when it opened in 1958.


President: Anders Wilander
Director and CEO: Johan Lindbom
General manager: Kent Norberg
Head coach: Tommy Samuelsson
Assistant coach: Fredrik Stillman and Johan Åkerman
Goalie coach: William Rahm

Team colours

Blue, white and yellow


Home: blue jersey, blue pants, blue socks
Away: white jersey, blue pants, white socks

Club address

Husqvarna Garden
S-554 54 Jönköping
Phone: +46 36 299 71 00
e-mail: [email protected]

How to get signed photos and player autographs

Send us a letter and tell us your wishes. Make sure to include a return envelope (size 23 x 16 cm) + postal costs, with your name and address on. Please understand that we cannot handle requests received by e-mail.